Lauren Kim



Hi! Lauren, here. A little bit about myself…

I’m originally from the DC area, but I moved around a bit before settling in Minnesota for about 10 years. After a while, I finally made my way back to DC a couple years ago and have just been enjoying the food culture here in the nation’s capital. There are so many great places I’ve tried and so many more I haven’t. I just can’t wait to share with you the wonderful food experiences that are yet to come!

Callan Mathis


Hey guys, I’m Callan!

I moved to DC a little less than a year ago for grad school (shoutout to Georgetown) and have been have yet to stop having a good time. When I’m not doing schoolwork I love to find new restaurants and happy hours. Brunch level=Expert. I’m also addicted to seafood, so if you’re trying to figure out which one of us ate a plate of octopus…it was probably me.

Omid Vahedipour

Hi everyone, I am Omid.

I Just moved to DC metro from NC.  Love the cultural and culinary diversity.  I spent years travelling the globe, and with a background in molecular genetics, I value details in culinary arts.  My hobbies and professions relate to sports, molecular genetics, and journalism.  It only helps that I sold my soul to an anthropomorphic cheetah, Mr. Chester, just to keep a clean palate!  I am a huge burger lover, and of course, the orange treasures!

I was an Italian chef for 7 years, Caribbean chef for 1 year, and have poked my nose in several other cuisines as well.  I eat everything and I believe there is no such thing as bad food.

Savannah Stephens 


I’m Savannah Stephens, a native Texan who still misses good Tex Mex. So if any of you have any good recommendations I’m ready to hear them. Since moving to D.C. I’ve loved trying all of the fun restaurants and bars this great city has to offer. I’m excited to take all of you on my food adventures, and remember, I leave no carb left behind!

Feel free to reach us with any questions, requests for places to review, or just comments about our blog @ capitolcrumbs@gmail.com.

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