Cinco De Mayo @ Tequila Grande

Tequila Grande
444 Maple Ave. W
Vienna, VA 22180

Having dined at Tequila Grande in Vienna, I have considered myself very lucky in finding this restaurant!  I have tried many Mexican restaurants over the years and there are few that I can honestly point out as restaurants who constantly serve great Mexican dishes.   Two of those are in San Antonio and San Diego.  Now I salute Tequila Grande to be one of the magnificent ones!  So without any doubt, I went there for Cinco de Mayo.


The wait to be seated for most of the diners was 50-70 minutes.  And those people were waiting happily, knowing what type of food and service await them.  Being just one, I was seated in 30 minutes and it was well worth the wait as always.  As always, I enjoy the warm and traditional ambiance they have created here by using authentic decorative pieces.

Smokey Jalapeno Margarita!  From my previous posts, you know I couldn’t pass on that!  Original Margarita with an extra shot of house-infused jalapeno tequila served on the rocks with slices of fresh jalapeno in a smoked chile-salt rim glass!  Just take a look at it!  My only complaint now is that why I am not there to have another?!  And also a Mother’s day special,  the drink was only $3!


Moving on to the most common appetizer served in almost every Mexican restaurant: Nachos and salsa dip.  Thin and fresh warm fried nachos with a hint of salt and pepper were served with one of the best salsa dips you can find.  Fresh and refreshing!  How so?  Fresh tomatoes, onions, and cilantro mixed with chile spice, and not roasted!  That is how it becomes refreshing!  The consistency of the salsa was great too.  After all, who likes runny dips?!

I also ordered the guacamole dip.  Sticking to the authentic recipes, they make this dip by mixing chunks of avocado, pureed avocado, diced jalapenos, red onions, cilantro, and lime juice.  The addition of some diced tomatoes was great as well.

With these tasty appetizers, I was getting hungry and excited to try many more entrees!  Thanks to my waitress, I ordered Monterey Grill Combo, which has all the things I wanted to order in one dish: grilled steak (carne asada), chicken breast (chicken adobe), and chipotle shrimp (called AMAZING!) with onions, peppers, and a smoked jalapeno.  It is served in a hot skillet, fajita style.  You get your side of soft tortillas, sour cream, black bean, and salsa.


Let me just tell you that the shrimp was the tastiest and most tender I have ever had!  That is a big statement, considering many dining experiences I’ve had in Dubai and Oman which are known for their shrimp dishes).  I think I will have this shrimp dish at least once a month from now on.  Charred on the outside, balanced flavors, tender inside, and on a skewer!


The chicken was my next favorite protein in this dish.  Just like the shrimp, while it was charred on the outside with a great smoky flavor, it was unbelievably tender.


The steak, carne asada was next.  The meat was very tender, however, the cut could have been a bit thicker.  It was easily cut into strips and make into soft tacos, which were immediately consumed!


And another margarita….

The argument of having or not having dessert was immediately settled by the introduction of fried honey ice cream!


“Vanilla bean ice cream with a crunchy coating, flash fried” and topped with drizzles of honey!  Then crowned with whipped cream and cherry!  I would say the ice cream coating was a bit thicker than it should have been, but my judgment call on this dessert dish stays at “great”!

If you are looking for a great Mexican dish and one of the best services in the whole DMV area, no matter where you are, drive to Vienna and enjoy Tequila Grande.

Happy Cinco de Mayo and see you here next year!






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