Nationals Stadium

Hello again. Last week, we decided to play around with some facebook live shots from Nats Staduim to show you some of the food options that are there, now that the weather is getting better. (Save for the last 10 days of rain, but lets pretend summer will actually show.

Below are some additional insights for your meal options this summer when you go to a Nats game. And, even though I’m not a big sports fan, I think at least one trip to a baseball game is a legal requirement for all D.C. residents.

Plus, its practically un-american to not go to baseball game in the summer. Don’t be that guy.


Now onto the food options!

Here’s the first Facebook love I did to explain the food options I saw. I guess putting it here makes it a zombie Facebook live post?


Like I said in the Live video, there were a lot of places to choose from. And I mean a lot. Of course you have your standard fare of hot dogs, nachos, burgers, and the like but Nats Stadium has made some obvious attempts to appeal to everyone. When I was there I saw multiple gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and halal stations that were set up but not opened. While it would have been nice to see them in operation, I assume they open later in the season when more people are in attendance, so that’s definitely a nice option if you have dietary restrictions you need to adhere to.

Beyond that there was a sit-down restaurant sponsored by Budweiser, that also had standard-operating ballpark food, but in a venue where you could sit at a table instead of in a cramped seat. (And really, you’re practically sitting on top of people in the stands.)

The two places that stood out to me as “different” were the Blue Smoke Barbecue and the Shake Shack.


While I didn’t end up eating at either, the menu’s seemed to have a good selection of items that didn’t feel like the outright price-gouging you see at other sporting stadiums. Blue Smoke had a brisket sandwich for $10.99, which is pretty on par with what you would see outside the stadium.

Then there’s the cultural phenomenon known as Shake Shack.


DO YOU SEE THAT LINE? The shack was obviously the hot ticket of the night, but the stadium was at less than half-capacity. I shudder to think what that line looks like on a packed summer’s day.

While I tried to get closer to the front to get a better since of the menu, many people were considered that I was trying to steal their food. So sadly I had to abandon my post before I could get a good look at the shack prices in the stadium vs what you’d see at their locations in Penn Quarter or the Tyson’s mall. They appeared to be on par with the outside world, but I was also trying to avoid serious burger confrontation.

So what did I get? Well watch below!

And man, Ben’s Chili Bowl didn’t let me down. Incredibly messy. But so good. If any of you haven’t been to the original location on U Street I highly recommend it. Great history and some seriously great food.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming. After dinner we split some popcorn, and had a little bit of rainfall towards the end of the game.


The popcorn was really good! Fresh and buttery, it was a nice thing to snack on while we got beat 😦

But, before this post gets a little too sad about the loss, I want to turn your attention to the man sitting next to us who brought his dog to the game. Guys, it started to rain, as mentioned, but he did not leave. Instead, he did this.


Yes this was something I SnapChatted. Of course it was on My Story.

That dude is goals. Absolute goals.

And that’s all we have today. GO NATS!



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