2911 District Ave, Suite 120
Fairfax, VA 22031

What do you do when you have an eggs benedict craving on Saturday morning and you are too lazy to whisk egg yolks for Hollandaise sauce?  You look up hot brunch places and go to one!  Like Matchbox in Merrifield Fairfax.  What happens when the very next day, you get Sunday craving for Huevos Rancheros and you are still too lazy to prepare the black beans?   You go back to Matchbox!

Below you will find my take on some tasty choices at Matchbox, for which I’ve gained few pounds!  Matchbox is conveniently located in the famous Mosaic district in Fairfax, VA.  Here you can find Angelika movie theater, multiple favorite restaurants, Target, and from now till Christmas, you can enjoy the Mosaic Central Farm Market on Sundays.  Due to my craving for a burger (did I forget to mention that?), I decided to visit Matchbox first!

While you may know Matchbox for its brick oven pizzas, many are fans of its bistro menu, which serves everyone’s hunger well.  All staff members are friendly and professional.  You can find seasonally fresh cocktails at the bar.  It serves brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.
Let’s get to the food review right away!  Each meal or drink has a rating out of 10, based on my personal judgment.


Crabcake Benedict: (8/10)

Bacon wrapped crabcake topped with a poached egg and chipotle hollandaise, served with a side of brunch potatoes.

Pros:  Tasty and fresh crab meat, perfectly poached egg, earthy-flavor potatoes, and a fresh salad topped with spicy dressing
Cons:  Crabcake benedict with poached egg and hollandaise sauce is already packed with many flavors.  I think adding bacon and too much crab meat was a bit overwhelming.


Fresh Fruit Waffles: (9/10)

Three Belgian style waffles topped with seasonal fresh fruit picked by the chef (this time was a mix of berries) served with a sweet maple syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Pros:  Tasty and light waffles, fresh fruit, flavorful syrup
Cons:  not so crunchy waffles, maple a bit too sweet


Bloody mary The 6: (6/10)

Matchbox bloody mary mix with Skyy vodka and old bay rim, decorated with a crispy piece of bacon

It is a delicious mix.  I personally believe in a celery stick decoration and more tabasco.


Coffee/hot tea: (5/10)

I have to be harsh on this section because I am a big fan of hot drinks in the morning.  Do not look for flavored coffee, lattes or cappuccinos!  The coffee selection is limited to only regular or decaf.  As for hot tea, you won’t find a huge selection of tea flavors either, and it was served with no cookies, no sweet bites, and no sugar!


Huevos Rancheros: (9/10)

Fried eggs served with black beans, pico de gallo, and avocado relish.  It is then served with chipotle sour cream and green chili sauce over a crunchy friend tortilla.

Pros: Corn tortilla is light and crunchy, the black bean mix with diced tomatoes and onions is fantastic, great guacamole, and perfectly cooked eggs
Cons:  Green salsa needed more flavor, and a bit too much corn on the plate


Bloody Mary Burger: (9/10)

A huge burger patty with cheddar and gouda cheese, mustard vinaigrette, and bloody mary mayo.  It is then topped with bacon and fried egg!

Pros:  The burger bun is soft and holds all the flavors, meat is very tasty and cooked to perfection (I ordered medium), chopped lettuce (which for me is a big plus)
Cons:  Bloody may mayo is almost non-existent, can be messy


Patio Pounder Lemonade: (10/10)patiopounder

Lemonade mixed with house-infused-watermelon vodka served with a fresh piece of watermelon

Pros:  Very refreshing, very smooth, very tasty!  Crowd favorite
Cons:  Forget the straw, drink up!

Matchbox serves some of the tastiest entrees in the area and its attention to high food quality makes it one my highly recommended places in the area.

Grade: A
Price: $$


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