Happy Hours This Week! [April 18-22]

Five happy hours for this perfectly, sunny week. 

777 6TH St NW
Washington, DC 20001

Sparkling Wine Trio

Flight is a wine bar that happens to be on the same street as Graffiato. The concept is unique in that you can go there and order a flight of wine, which consists of three, 3oz glasses of anything you really like. The good news is that happy hour on Monday is ALL DAY. Hooray! When I went, I opted for the sparkling trio, which was a bubbling, delicious treat.

For eats you can choose from a wonderful selection of cheese and charcuterie, as well as small, medium and large plates. I opted for the warm spiced olives, which were spicy from the addition of aleppo pepper, and had a warm herbal note from the fresh rosemary. They’re good, folks.

Warm spiced olives

1825 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

Guess what, kiddos? It’s going to be nearly 80 degrees on Tuesday. That means it’s time to take your sweet self to a rooftop for happy hour. The rooftop at Masa 14 is buzzy and loud, so do yourself a favor and get there earlier rather than later. The rooftop is also a perfect place to watch the sunset. The only issue is that when the wind blows a little to much, the actual roof tends to billow violently. It can be a minor distraction.

I often like to order from the actual menu during happy hour, and the last time I tried the fried calamari, octopus and the chicken curry. If you’re not super hungry the edamame on the happy hour menu is pretty delish.


1300 Eye Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Toro Toro is one of several area restaurants owned by Richard Sandoval, and has a dusky, sleek atmosphere. The upstairs bar is dark and shadowy, while the downstairs lounge area is intense with fluorescent lighting. Also, don’t be alarmed when you visit the restroom. The sink is shared by both the men’s and ladies rooms, and it’s only weird before you realize what is actually going on.

IMG_3643Sparkling Margarita

I have a couple of solid favorites on the Toro Toro cocktail menu. One of my favorites is the margarita, which you can make sparkling for an extra $2. I of course, emptied my wallet and made mine sparkly and even more delicious. I also enjoy the Prickly Pear Chilcano, which is sweet, but not overly sweet. It also has a perfect amount of effervescence from the ginger ale.


Another favorite is the mojito which, again, had just the perfect touch of sweetness. The good news is that all of the happy hour cocktails are between $4 and $7.

444 7th St NW
Washington, DC 20004


If you like sushi and you haven’t been to SEI, you need to take a good, hard look at your life. You should then reevaluate the choices that you have been making, abandon them, and immediately stop what you’re doing and head over to SEI. Their cocktail hour is from 5pm-8pm, Monday-Friday.


One cocktail that is particularly delightful is the Asian Pear Sangria. You can also choose  between a few of their signature sushi rolls, which are $7 a roll. SEI is seriously the bomb diggity. And if you want to BE the bomb diggity, you must eat sushi that is the bomb diggity, and this sushi is THE bomb diggity. Yes, I said bomb diggity three times in one sentence. Whatever it takes.

781 7th St NW, Chinatown
Washington, DC 20001

Zengo gets crowded pretty quickly so, if you can, try to get there as early as possible. Seriously it’s ok, you won’t look like a weirdo for being the first one to show up at happy hour. In fact, you’ll be happy that you showed up early and have the pleasure of sitting at a table instead of being forced to either A) stand around or B) go upstairs at sit an an actual dinner table. I’ve made this error more than once.

Another helpful thing about Zengo is that it is right next to the Gallery Place metro. That means you don’t have to walk very far to indulge in the happiest of hours.

Until next time




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