Happy Hours This Week! [April 11-15]

Here are Five Happy Hour joints to try out this week!

513 13th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

Boss Shepherd’s — Sliders and Wings

This place has got the best wings I have ever tasted. It looks like a very fancy restaurant, but they serve some pretty good southern-style fried chicken. It’s also located in a cool place underground right next to the Warner Theatre on 13th and E Street. I’ve worked in the building next to it and always passed it without really realizing what it was.

Then, one Monday I decided to check out their happy hour, which by the way, starts around 2PM and ends at 7PM. Luckily, I walked in on the right day, because Boss Shepherd’s only has half off appetizers on Monday Happy Hours only! The wings are normally $10, but I got to try them for only $5. And they were delicious. I also got the burger sliders for $3.50, but not they were mediocre at best. Whatever you do, DO TRY THE WINGS!

480 7th St NW
Washington, DC 20004

Jaleo — Gambas al Ajillo

Jaleo has some pretty delicious tapas, in general, but their happy hour menu isn’t bad either. I got the garlic shrimp (gambas al ajillo), and my friend ordered the calamari. Both were delicious. I was surprised at how fresh and jumbo sized the shrimp were while the calamari was deep-fried to the perfect crunch. The garlic aioli that came with the calamari added a nice saucy touch, but I could honestly eat without it.

Jaleo’s happy hour is from 4-6PM every day of the week, except Saturday. There aren’t any day-specific specials like Boss’s, so you can drop on by any time and enjoy some good bar tapas.

Momofuku CCDC
1090 I St NW
Washington, DC 20001

Momofuku in City Center just started a happy hour last Friday. So far, their menu had the various buns, some rice crackers, house wines, beer, and a seven spice sake cocktail. We ended up ordering a Shrimp Bun and both the house red and white wines. As taste test, Momofuku handed out bowls of arancini, which are just pork and rice balls. It was something new they were trying out and wanted to offer taste tests to anyone making an order. The sauce they used was a tartar sauce that may have been a little too sour for my liking, but otherwise, I thought it was pretty delicious.

I did enjoy the Shrimp bun. It was basically a shrimp cake stuffed inside a soft bun. The wine, however, tasted almost too similar to water. It wasn’t very strong, and it wasn’t very good. I’ll probably try the seven spice sake cocktail next time. I wonder what the seven spices are.

1155 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005

Here’s a great happy hour menu to try! Zentan, a contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant has got good sushi and good appetizers. We ordered the Spicy Tuna Tartare Chips, Pork Belly Bao Buns, Osaka Wings, and one order of Spicy Salmon roll. For our drink, we ordered the Plum Sake.

Everything on that table was SO DELICIOUS! The the raw fish that were used in both the salmon roll and the tuna tartare were very fresh. The bao buns were yummy, to say the least. I loved the taste of cilantro in the same bite as the crisp radish and soft pork belly. For those that are a little wary of cilantro, I would recommend taking it out since it can overpower the other tastes. The Osaka wings were lightly tossed in this special sauce and were very crispy. I’d say my only problem was that there weren’t enough. The drink we ordered was a little too sweet. It tasted more like juice than anything. Maybe that’s how sake is? Very light? I don’t know, I’ve never tried sake before. Either way, I’ll probably not get the plum sake again next time.

801 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

Cuba Libre — Guava Caipirinha

Let me just say one thing about Cuba Libre. These guys know how to make a good empanada. I don’t have a picture, but all their empanadas are good. Cuba Libre recently had an “Empanada Day” last Friday and were giving out empanadas for $1 each. My friend an I bought 10 and just filled our stomachs with that. We got the pork, the beef, the chicken, and the cheese. Although all were very good, I would say my favorite ones have got to be the cheese and the pork.

Plus, on Friday’s Cuba Libre has salsa dancing for entertainment. You can watch while sipping on a glass of sangria and munching on an empanada. I got the guava caipirinha, as shown above, but I have also tried their Pomegranate mojito, which was SUPER GOOD. I was a little hesitant about it, as I am with all pomegranate drinks, but despite my initial thoughts, this mojito was really delicious.

Well, guys, these are the five happy hours you could try this week if you’re like me and love to wait out the rush hour traffic by drinking and eating good food. Let me know which ones you liked and which ones you didn’t care for much!



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